This is a team that is passionate about contribution, connection & collaboration .

Our People

The best results come from mixing people from different disciplines, all of whom deeply understand your brand.

This is our team who will work with you to find your growth formula

Founder Mitch Cameron
Mitchell Cameron
Founder & Senior Strategist
Tyla Hodgson
Tyla Hodgson
Founder & Brand Specialist
Kelly Witherspoon
Kelly Witherspoon
Operations Manager
Alona Likhter
Alona Likhter
Google Specialist
Tim Hodgson
Tim Hodgson
Senior Account Manager
Office Mascot

We only work with values lead organisations & friendly founders

We love brands that are committed to doing the work internally and externally - even if you haven't quite got everything set up yet.


The brands we have chemistry with:

Testimonial David Miller
James Goodwin
Chief Marketing Officer | Wisr
"Mitch & Ty helped us scale our brand and app platforms reaching tens of thousands of new customers."
Testimonial Mark Rosst
Amy Green
National Marketing Manager
Hub Australia
"We have been happily working with Mitch, Ty and the team for years now, they have been pivotal to our growth as a business. Always appreciate their knowledge & insight for all things brand and marketing. As an extension of our internal marketing team, - we would be lost without them!"
Testimonial Jennifer Williams
Sheree Rubinstein
Founder / One Roof
"Formulaik are a pleasure to work with. They are a team of smart, creative, hard working and passionate individuals and we highly recommend working with them. We absolutely love them and what they have done for our business!"
Testimonial Nicole Jones
Tom Mansfield
Marketing Director
Ride Zoomo
"Formulaik helped take Zoomo from a series A startup in Melbourne with one location, to 13+ locations on 4 continents."
Testimonial Brian Jackson
Travis Lowe
Founder & Director
Humpy Co.
"Mitch and the team at Formulaik have helped us grow our business the past few years before and after covid to the biggest our brand has ever been."
Head Illustration